St George’s Launton Quest

A huge thank you to all who took part and donated to St George’s Launton Quest. It was wonderful to see the effort and creativity put into each display. The answer to the Quest was congratulations (all lower case). This can be entered below using the link to download your certificate. The Quest raised £553.86 which has been shared equally between St Mary’s Church and the Bicester Refugee Support Group. Thank you everyone, once again, for your hard work and generosity!

Welcome brave knights! St George needs your help to solve the Launton Quest!

We know that many people are looking for interesting local events and we are pleased to invite you to compete in Launton’s very own St George’s quest.

This event will run from 10am Friday 23rd April 2021 to 8pm Monday 3rd May 2021. Planning has been completed around government guidelines and we hope to bring some Springtime joy to our special village.

The quest map is in April’s Launton Lines and below under ‘Quick links’. If you enjoy the quest, then please consider making a donation which will be split between St Mary’s Church and Bicester Refugee Support Group. Further details of how to donate are below under ‘Fundraising’.

Quick links

Quest Map

Justgiving Page (The answer to unlock the certificate can also be found here!)

(If you see our QR code whilst on the quest simply open your camera app and point your camera at the QR code to open the just giving page)

Click here to view photos of all the displays. Photography: Ben Smith

How to take part

To complete St George’s quest: If you accept the challenge of St George’s quest, please make a donation on our JustGiving page. The money raised from this event will be split between St Mary’s Church and Bicester Refugee Support Group.

Use the map to find the 32 displays of dragons and knights around the village.

15 of the displays have a letter hidden on them. Collect all the letters and
unscamble them to find the answer to the Quest.

Enter your password at the bottom of this page to download your own
Certificate of Knighthood!

There are also pictures of suns hidden on some of the displays.
Just for fun, see how many you can find.

Use the table on the back page to write down the letters and
count the suns!

Please be aware of uneven surfaces as you walk around the village. Please respect people’s
properties and do not enter gardens or touch the displays. Please supervise your
children and follow the current Covid-19 guidance.

We look forward to the challenge of St George’s Launton Quest and enjoying Springtime.

How to donate

• Just Giving:
• Drop off or post cash or a cheque (made payable to “Launton Churchwardens”) to
Mayflower, Hare Leys Farm, Launton, Bicester, OX26 5AB
• BACS payment: Sort code: 20-06-75, Account no: 30566756, Account name:
Launton Churchwardens. Please reference payments as “Quest”.


The money raised from this event will be split equally between St Mary’s Church, Launton and the Bicester Refugee Support Group. Here is a bit more information about both.

St Mary’s Church has been at the centre of village life for over 800 years. Our services and activities are open to all and we engage with the wider community in many ways, from involvement with the school to running the Community Café in the Parish Hall and support for programmes such as the Food Bank. The beautiful church building is the oldest in the village and is Grade 1 listed with many generations of Launton people being baptised, married and buried here. The church family is responsible for the upkeep of the church and churchyard on behalf of the community, and is responsible for raising funds for this, as well as keeping the church running day-to-day. We are looking forward to developing and growing our services which offer both traditional worship (such as Holy Communion, Morning Prayer and Evensong) and family-oriented services with craft activities for children. You can find out more about St Mary’s on our Facebook page and details of services and events are in Launton Lines. We are looking forward to being back together and offering support to all in our community. Thank you in turn for your support in helping us do that.

Fewer of you will be aware of the Bicester Refugee Support Group. This was founded in 2015 at a time when many people were fleeing from war-torn countries and conflict to find a better life. One of the abiding images of the crisis was the small lifeless body of three-year old Alan Kurdi, wearing a red T-shirt and blue shorts, washed up on a Turkish beach. The group began from a desire to support families who had already suffered so much. The group work with Cherwell District Council to help find appropriate housing for Syrian families and provide friendship and language support to these families. Funds they are given help them provide important items for families such as household furniture and equipment such as computers for children and adults so they can access education during lockdown.

Completed the quest!

Now you have collected all the letters from the displays around the village and unscrambled them…

ENTER YOUR PASSWORD HERE (all in lower case letters) to download your certificate and become a knight of Launton! (Certificate available from 23rd April 2021). Simply add your name, in the space provided, to your certificate and print.

If you are struggling to unscramble the letters go to our Justgiving Page were you will find the answer. You can also find out how many suns there were too.