Launton What3Words Scavenger Hunt

Sorry but the 2022 event has already happened! It was great fun and thanks to all who attended; also congratulations to the two winning teams!

If you would still like to take part in your own time (but unfortunately without the amazing home-baked cakes as a reward for reaching the end, sorry about that…) it’s not too late. You can simply email us at the address below (in the Preparation section) and we’ll get back to you with a pdf of the participant pack, including answers so you can mark your own. The donation amount for the pack is your choice, payable by BACS if possible to avoid fees. Also, if you took part in the event and just want to see the answers please let us know at the same email address.

It makes a fun day out for the family and it’s a good chance to get outside and walk around. If you do try it, let us know how you got on.


For instructions and a guide to the event please click here, but the summary details are below:

A fundraising event for Friends of Launton Parish Hall (also known as FoLPH, a registered charity, number 1199171).
Starting location:
Launton Parish Hall, Bicester Road, Launton, OX26 5DP.
A minimum 1.8-mile walking route (2.9 km) on level ground. Some is on pavements, some on off-road footpaths; pushchairs may be possible depending on how wet the ground is. The event is suitable for all ages – adults and older children will enjoy the challenge of the harder route, and younger children will find the standard route great fun. Please wear comfortable/practical footwear and check the weather forecast before you leave.
Date and time:
The event will be held on Sunday 25 September 2022. Arrive at 13:30 to receive your team pack and make a start on the clues. The hunt will run from 14:00 and teams must be back at the hall by 15:30. Winners should be announced by 16:15.
Entry fee:
If paid in advance (until and including Sat 24 Sep) Adults are £5 each, Children (under 18) £2.50 each (Adults £6 and Children £3 if paid on the day); payment in advance is by BACS transfer (for bank details, please see registration form below for details).


Pre-registration for the event has now closed but we are very happy for you to come along to the Parish Hall from 13:15 onwards and we can get your team registered there.


You, or someone in your team, will need to have the What3Words app installed on a suitable mobile device during the event. It’s worth checking this app beforehand to ensure you know how it works and to check that it works well on your phone. Some phones do not have the correct compass sensor for the navigation feature to work but all phones with GPS should be able to display your current location on the map.

Also you, or someone in your team, will need to be logged in with a Google account when completing the registration form and when submitting answers on the day of the hunt. This is because:

  • we need to ensure we can contact you on a valid email address in case of any questions about your entry or payment details;
  • on the day, the responses for the What3words Scavenger Hunt will be collected and scored using a Google Quiz Form, which also requires a valid Google account.

If you don’t already have a Google account, it’s quick and free to sign-up for one here:
Most people will already have one that they use with their phone or email. If you have any problems using a Google account to register for the hunt, or questions arising from the registration form, please contact us by email on:
h u n t at
(remove all spaces and replace “at” with the @ symbol).


The form you need to use to submit your responses to the Question and Answer sheet is now closed.

Terms and Conditions

T&Cs are available here. These may be updated from time to time so please check back here to find the latest version. Please note in particular the need to stay together in teams and look out for uneven roads and pathways. Also take care of team members, especially children, near or crossing busy roads. Please respect other people’s privacy.